The aim is to create a sense of community and of reciprocal benefits, so that rather than a simple studio hire relationship, we engender something much more powerful and exciting. We’re committed to pushing these arts forwards, making this kind of teaching part of a realistic career choice with real community benefits.

We feel that the arts we offer can enrich and broaden our life experience, whatever our age or background. We want to bring these arts to as many people as possible, indeed we feel it’s a vital part of modern living, to get in touch with ourselves, increase our self confidence and find our groove.




DMAC UK – dedicated to the reconstruction and maintenance of your vibrational make-up


DMAC UK – Dance Music Arts Collective

DMAC UK is both a venue and a social enterprise. At our studios in Bristol’s Stokes Croft we host around 25 regular dance/movement/martial arts classes every week – African Dance, 5 Rhythms Dance, Ballet & Ballates, Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, Capoeira, Bellyfit, Contact Improvisation, Drumming, Flamenco, Salsa, Tango, Hoopdance, Hatha Flow Yoga, Tai Chi, Samba Dance, Pilates, and Afrofusion.

Our studios rate as some of the best dance spaces in Bristol. The studios are available at weekends and occasionally in the week for bigger workshops, private hire and rehearsals.

We also work to support artists. We work as an agency to engage dance and movement practitioners in workshops, we support master classes and artistic development, we have a start-up programme for fledgling artists and we support several education projects. We aim to promote artists wherever we can, and also to encourage communities in Bristol to engage with regular healthy activity on a weekly basis. We work with schools, community groups and events to promote dance as an essential part of modern living, and we have several partnerships developing in Bristol and beyond.

Current project partners include:


Bristol City Council

Tribe of Doris


City of Bristol College

and we have received support from:

Arts Council England

Bristol City Council Arts & Culture