AME – Arts & Music in Education

As a team, DMAC UK has a wealth of experience, skills and knowledge to engage young people in accessible, educational and expressive art forms. Our expert facilitators offer high quality workshops in African Dance, Drumming, Animation/Film Making, Capoeira, Drama, Street Dance and Samba Dance.

The non-discriminatory nature of our workshops provides the scope to harness the natural abilities of all participants regardless of any learning or physical difficulty. We offer a transformative approach to learning which can build a bridge to their academic world.

As well as providing authenticity within our various artforms and disciplines, DMAC UK understands and recognises the necessity for individual and group empowerment.

Time will be taken for individual interpretations, leadership and personal stories, which encourage those who may struggle to express themselves through spoken word alone. Non-verbal communication transcends language barriers and helps to create respect and a deeper understanding for one another.

Through music and artistic expression, workshops are specifically aimed at teaching children the values of living together in harmony and celebrating both our differences and our commonalities.

We use the tried and tested principles of spontaneity, fun, fitness, cooperation and above all, unity, ultimately contributing to the pupil’s spiritual, moral, social, intellectual, physical and cultural development – key values that are necessary in today’s modern world.

DMAC UK currently delivers drumming & dance workshops in schools across Bristol (Glenfrome, St Werburgh’s & Hillcrest). We also have a newly started Saturday School Club in African drumming & dance plus a weekly after school club in Capoeira at DMAC studios. DMAC UK also supports the Mama Africa programme.

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