Bhangra Dance ————– Mon 5.45 to 6.45

Bhangra Dance
Bhangra Dance

An exciting and high-energy Bhangra class originating in the Punjab region of India. Blending the rich fusion of Western pop music, Bollywood music, and folk music from Punjabi itself.

This dance class promotes a full-body work out using explosive moves for large muscle groups, as you develop stamina and muscle toning, to upbeat festive moves from traditional Bhangra dance in a social and energizing session.

We welcome all levels of ability, moving at an accessible yet stimulating pace.

If you love Bhangra music and are seeking to keep fit in a unique way or simply want to improve your skills, join our vibrant Bhangra classes!

Please wear comfortable loose clothing
You are more than welcome to dance barefoot or wear a good pair of trainers
Bring plenty of water to hydrate yourself
Get ready for a whole lot of FUN!

Bhangra Routine Video
Bhangra class