Classes at DMAC fall widely under the umbrella of physical arts. If you are a dance or music teacher, health and fitness, yoga or pilates or martial arts teacher, we have studio space available to you.

We are also interested in drama and film courses, afterschool clubs, morning classes for toddlers, lunchtime fitness sessions, really anything that would work in the studio space and that feels like part of the DMAC vibration. DMAC provides benefits and opportunities beyond just the studio hire. We want to see strong, well attended classes throughout the day and evening, bringing physical arts to the community.

Studio 1 is available at £15 per hour.
Studio 2 is available at £20 per hour.

This is the membership rate, available to all regular classes. It entitles you to some free benefits, including a bespoke page on our website, promotion in the Hamilton House monthly brochure (distributed around the city), radio promotion and advice and design assistance for posters and flyers.

We also invite participation in AME, our education programme, and in workshops and performances at events and festivals or in the corporate sector.

We look for a few things in return. The central idea behind DMAC UK is that we can work together to promote and support the physical arts in Bristol and beyond. We believe that together, as a collection of artists and practitioners, we can create opportunities for all the arts under our banner, for teachers and students.

We ask members to offer free taster sessions on our open days, to support DMAC performances, sometimes for free, and to offer some free classes for the volunteer staff that support Hamilton House. We would hope to offer two free spaces per class, which would be compensated by the membership benefits and by the word of mouth promotion from those volunteers.

The aim is to create a sense of community and of reciprocal benefits, so that rather than a simple studio hire relationship, we engender something much more powerful and exciting. We’re committed to pushing these arts forwards, making this kind of teaching part of a realistic career choice with real community benefits.

We feel that the arts we offer can enrich and broaden our life experience, whatever our age or background. We want to bring these arts to as many people as possible, indeed we feel it’s a vital part of modern living, to get in touch with ourselves, increase our self confidence and find our groove.

If you are an established teacher with a good core of students, starting up at DMAC will be straightforward. If you have insurance we will sign a contract on payment of a month’s deposit up front and classes can start straight away.

The same goes for new teachers, but we understand the risks with starting a new class and building a good body of students. This is why we offer the basic promotion and advice that we do, but we ask practitioners to be realistic. You will need insurance and you will need to do some promotion yourself to ensure good attendance. We are in a good location, but there is no guarantee of good numbers without some hard work from you.

Coexist is the management body that oversees Hamilton House. They deal with bookings and will be very informative about starting classes at DMAC UK, and can give full contract details and answer any other queries including availability on the timetable. They’ll also deal with one off rehearsals or workshops.

The number for reception is 0117 9249599, or you can email direct to

Coexist are our major partner in this venture, providing our admin structure. Their reception staff are the public face that will greet the students who attend your classes and workshops.