Hoopdance ——————— Wed 8.30 to 9.30


Learn the basics of hula hooping / hoopdance with one of the UK’s leading instructors, Nick Broyd. You’ll learn some beginner tricks including lifts, chest/shoulder hooping, rolls and jumps, and work with exercises designed to make you dance with your hoop.

This is a 6 week introductory class with course content designed for the beginner or as a refresher for those with some experience, before moving to improver level classes. Hoops provided.

Hoopdance, or hooping, borrows from the traditional circus arts of hula hooping and prop manipulation, taking tricks and moves to create a contemporary revision of ‘that thing you tried as a child’. Hoopdance combines these tricks with technical transitions and dance movement to create a fluid, expressive and improvised dance.

Hooping sometimes fuses with other dance forms, with movement styles covering hip hop, ballet, swing and jazz, contemporary and burleseque to name a few.  Equally, hooping often borrows from it’s contemporaries, including juggling, poi and staff spinning, making a hula hoop a hugely diverse and multifaceted prop.

Hoopdance is where dance and circus meet, where movement and prop manipulation collide.

Nick teaches beginners and improvers, or those he knows as ‘in the process of developing a hooping addiction’, in the art of hoopdance.

Taking root in North America in the late 1990s, hoopdance is one of the newest forms of dance to spread globally, its growth benefiting from a dedicated online global community, as well as local classes, nationwide workshop providers and international hoop conventions.

Bristol is an award winning hoop community (Community of the Year, 2012 Hoopie Awards www.hooping.org), with a range of classes to suit the high demand of it’s resident hoopers. It is also supported by the Europe’s largest annual hoop convention (Swhoop, held each Autumn).

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£7.50 per drop in, £6 concessions, £36 for six classes (can be used over 12 weeks). Hoops provided. Come and play!