Kids Capoeira Bristol ——- Mon 4.30 to 5.30

Kids Cap Sting
Kids Capoeira

Kids Capoeira is a great afterschool class for energetic kids. Capoeira is an exciting artform from Brazil, part dance, part martial art, all fun. The classes are aimed at young kids, so they’re very game based, with the games designed to develop different aspects of capoeira – the movement, the rhythm, the music, the singing. We practice capoeira in a safe and respectful environment, focussing on physical confidence, self expression and playfulness.

The After School Club runs on Mondays at 4.30 to 5.30, £5 per class.

We also run a Home Education Class on Fridays, please contact for details.

Bob and Ollie run a range of classes for schools as well, so please get in touch if your school would like to talk about a class.